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New location in Buxton

Marina Smith, Beads & Grinds owner
Marina Smith, Owner of Beads & Grinds

I love the Indonesian Organic Blend from All Time Roasting Company. It’s dark and rich.

Owner, Marina Smith

Beads & Grinds Coffee shop was founded in 2018 by Marina Smith. At the time, Marina was just 27 years old. We asked Marina her favorite part of owning a coffee shop with beading. She answered, “Being my own boss, and my customers. I meet interesting people.”

Beads & Grinds proudly serves coffee from All Time Roasters and local roasting company Cape Hatteras Roasters.

Beads & Grinds Coffee Shop

47039 Buxton Back Rd, Buxton, NC 27953

(252) 986-5372

  • Hot and Cold Coffee Drinks
  • Art Classes
  • Ice Cream

Best coffee shop in the Outer Banks!

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